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February 16, 2024
How OlaClick interviewed hundreds of restaurant owners in just a few days
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How OlaClick interviewed hundreds of restaurant owners in just a few days

OlaClick used Versive to conduct and analyze interviews with busy customers in 20 countries.

OlaClick is a leading restaurant management platform, used by over 40,000 restaurants across Latin America. They offer point of sale, direct delivery, digital menu, inventory, and kitchen display solutions to restaurants in over a dozen countries.

Compared to tools we had used in the past, Versive got us insights that were more specific and deeper, without us having to talk to hundreds of customers ourselves.

José Rico, Co-Founder at Olaclick

The Opportunity

OlaClick partnered with Versive to better understand the needs of their growing customer base. As they expanded rapidly and introduced new product lines, the OlaClick team wanted to talk more regularly with their customers to:

However, gathering meaningful answers to these questions is no small task. OlaClick’s users are busy restaurant owners, working long hours. Plus, they’re located in dozens of countries and speak both Spanish and Portuguese.

In the past, surveys hadn’t been able to get to the “why” behind customer answers. At the same time, the team didn’t have the time to spend weeks scheduling, conducting, and analyzing dozens of moderated interviews.

The Solution

Using Versive, OlaClick was able to conduct and analyze hundreds of customer interviews in just a few days using AI. They interviewed customers in both Spanish and Portuguese across multiple product segments and 20 countries.


Most importantly, Versive helped uncover insights that were deeper and more specific than the team had been able to gather in the past. “We were able to get a lot of good answers from our customers, answers we were not able to get before”, said Gabriel Pulz Soares, a Customer Success Manager at OlaClick.

When we send a question like “Do you use our chatbot?” and the customer answers, “No”. Versive’s AI interviewer helps us understand why. It can say, “Oh really? You don't use our chatbot? Why don't you use it? What features are missing?”

Gabriel Pulz Soares, Customer Success Manager at OlaClick

Versive is able to get these types of results because we’ve re-imagined the survey experience from the ground up. We support both structured and conversational questions, where our AI interviewer asks intelligent probing questions to get more out of each response. Our interface is also designed specifically to encourage long-form responses. Participants can answer questions using text or voice, with built-in multi-lingual transcription.

The Results

In addition to improving the quality of insights, Versive also enabled OlaClick to analyze results in minutes. Using AI, Versive helped OlaClick read through hundreds of transcripts to surface recurring themes and produce a sharable report with both qualitative and quantitative insights.

Versive has been useful for the whole company, from marketing to customer success to product.

José Rico, Co-Founder at Olaclick

“Previously, we needed to read through all of the results and prepare reports manually” says Gabriel. “Now, we can get a report within minutes that is very complete, with actionable learnings. We’re already working on launching another study using Versive.”


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February 16, 2024