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January 12, 2024
Organization management and improved CSV exports
Product Updates

Organization management and improved CSV exports

We've made it easier to invite users and manage permissions. Plus, upgrades to our CSV exports.

We're starting the New Year off with some brand-new features and improvements to existing ones.

Organization Management

We've made it easier to bring your team into Versive to collaborate on building and analyzing surveys. In our new Organizations page, you can customize your organization name and logo, invite new users, and manage team member permissions.

We've also redesigned our navigation to make it easier to find the pages you're looking for. You'll find the Organizations page in our new navigation (if you have the right permissions 😏).

Upgraded CSV exports

We've also made some improvements to CSV exports to make it easier to analyze responses on your own. In addition to exporting complete transcripts, you'll also get each transcript broken down by question.

As always, we'd love to hear what you think. Shoot us an email at

Eric Li

Eric Li, Co-Founder, Versive

January 12, 2024

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