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December 13, 2023
Introducing Versive

Introducing Versive

Versive is an AI-first survey platform that helps companies gather better insights, faster. Sit tight, we'll be taking off shortly.

What's the problem?

In our opinion, most teams don't speak to their users nearly enough. As a result, it's harder to make informed decisions, be it about product, marketing, strategy, or customer experience.

We don't blame these teams at all.

For about a decade, I've personally been frustrated by how difficult it is to collect feedback and insights from customers at any level of scale and regularity. In my past life as a product manager and designer, I've conducted dozens of surveys and user interviews at both startups and public companies. Every single time, the process was involved and tedious - taking weeks to recruit, schedule, interview, analyze, and present results. This led to something even worse. We collected feedback and validated ideas far less than we should have.

Over those years, David and I spoke several times about building better survey tools. Just as we've been frustrated by the process, we've also been frustrated by the tooling. Most surveys and forms are clunky to build and not at all engaging. How often do you open up a survey from a big company and think, "wow, this is a great experience"? We've been doubly disappointed by the number of companies that have moved from innovating on product to only "innovating" on price (opaque enterprise-only pricing, anyone?).

But alas, this was a hard problem and we didn't feel like we had the right tools to solve it.

Until now.

How do we solve it?

We're excited to announce that we're building Versive, an AI-first survey platform that helps companies gather better insights, faster.

Advancements in AI are rapidly pushing the boundaries of what's possible and, suddenly, all of the problems we've been frustrated by feel solvable. We think this is the right time to re-imagine all of the workflows and experiences around collecting information from people. So, we're building a new platform from the ground up, for the AI era.

Today, our first set of tools are available in private beta. Our AI surveys dynamically adapt to user responses, diving deeper with intelligent follow-up questions. On the survey-maker side, our dashboard allows you to build surveys using natural language and automatically categorizes and analyzes responses, enabling you to act on insights much faster.

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For product and design teams, this means getting user-interview-quality responses in hours instead of weeks. For marketing and customer teams, you'll be able to uncover richer insights from each survey response and onboard customers more effectively.

Our team has designed and built software at companies like Google, Uber, Microsoft, and a host of startups. Having experienced the pain points and workflows firsthand, we're excited to build a platform that makes collecting insights and making informed decisions easier for everyone.

We've now started priority boarding. If you're interested in joining our private beta, you can request access today.

Eric Li

Eric Li, Co-Founder, Versive

December 13, 2023

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